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CDIT’s Product Solutions extend and enhance the functionality of the software and hardware technologies that form the basis of our ECM Solutions.

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trans·for·ma·tion (noun):
  1. A qualitative change
  2. A marked change, as in appearance or character, usually for the better. The efficient Capture of information is the first step, however, it is not useful unless this information can be quickly and effectively processed. Taking the information captured and removing non-value-add tasks associated with processing this information is the critical next step.


Our solutions help minimize or eliminate the labour-intensive and time-consuming tasks of quality control, sorting, classifying, extracting, indexing and validating information from all captured documents. We use techniques to:

  • Minimize document preparation
  • Automate the “clean-up” of difficult documents into legible, clean documents using image enhancement features so no manual re-scanning is required
  • Reduce the need for manual insertion of ‘separator’ sheets to separate documents
  • Eliminate manual document type selection
  • Automatically separate and classify documents based on automated detection/recognition of form type
  • Automated information extraction through powerful recognition engines (OCR, ICR and OMR) to recognize machine-printed and hand-printed text in hundreds of languages
  • Automated recognition of bar codes, patch codes and check boxes, ensuring accuracy and reducing or eliminating the need for manual entry and oversight.


By ensuring relevant and accurate information is extracted from the documents received, and delivered to Line-of-Business applications, decision-making is simplified throughout downstream processes… the result… Business Process Improvement.