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Kapow Katalyst for Logistics Optimization


Respond to load tenders faster. Increase load factors. Accelerate collections. Improve customer service while growing profits by automating your logistics processes.


Free Staff For Higher-Value Work

How many websites does your staff access—manually—just to monitor load tenders? Ten? Fifty? How many freight payment processor websites are needed to manage collections? Dozens? B2B portals such as these are a big improvement over phone calls and faxes, but they still soak up hours of staff time daily. Adding new customers, freight payment processors, or brokers will mean more websites to access—and more hiring. Too bad you don’t have Kapow Katalyst™ on your team.

Kapow Katalyst Makes it Possible

Our customers access the same B2B portals as you do, but thanks to Kapow Katalyst they can:

  • Let Customer Service focus on customers, not on manual administrative work
  • Increase load factors by watching hundreds of sites for load tenders and bidding sooner than the competition
  • Automate Credit & Collections and reduce DSO
  • Speed Customs processing
  • Provide real-time cash position to the CFO
  • Generate top-line and bottom-line growth


Give the Job to Katalyst

How do they do it? They delegate all of their routine transactions to Katalyst and reclaim hours of time daily—the time their staff was spending to:

  • Log in to multiple B2B portal websites
  • Reconcile data and search for exceptions
  • Issue transactions on internal and external systems

When you let our automation handle all your repetitive website access, your staff can take on higher-value work. One customer uses Katalyst to reconcile account balances held at over 300 financial institutions—all completely automatically—and to support a real-time compliance and cash management dashboard for the CFO. Other customers automatically monitor hundreds of freight broker and forwarder sites, detecting new load tenders within seconds of being posted. Still others use their extra time to provide best-in-class service. What would you do with hours of free productivity each day?

Contact our experts today. We’ll help you discover how much extra time you can gain—with Kapow Katalyst.

Automating Credit & Collections



The Bottom Line
PITT OHIO, a premier transportation provider with a strong focus on Mid-Atlantic LTL (less than truckload) needs, chose Kapow Katalyst as the foundation of their plan to optimize multiple logistics processes. Just one of their projects—in Credit & Collections—increased staff productivity by one-third.

The Challenge
PITT OHIO chose Credit & Collections as one of their kickoff projects because their C&C team members accessed over 70 different freight payment and customer websites to manage receivables. The C&C team repeatedly logged in to each site, manually navigated through each system to locate existing past due customers, searched for status changes—and then manually reflected these changes in PITT OHIO’s internal systems. Each website followed different update schedules that team members tracked manually. Finally, data from a commercial C&C service had to be reconciled—again by hand. PITT OHIO felt C&C was a prime candidate for automation—it was one of their major operational challenges—and that it would make a challenging test for Katalyst.

The Kapow Solution
After automating just one website PITT OHIO knew the project would be a success. Kapow Katalyst automatically captures data from customers and freight payment processors and pushes it into their internal systems. C&C team members no longer spend time carrying out these routine transactions—and Katalyst has already paid for itself in improved productivity. Because it averages only a half day to add support for a new portal, the business can scale quickly.

Higher Load Factors On More Trucks

The Bottom Line

One of North America’s leading logistics companies has improved revenue, margin, and customer satisfaction with Katalyst.

The Challenge
With hundreds of freight forwarder and broker sites to monitor manually, this organization was unable keep up with new loads as they were tendered—the competition was beating them too often. Until they chose Kapow Katalyst, adding headcount was their only option.

The Kapow Solution
Kapow Katalyst is used to automate B2B portal access so they see new load tenders within minutes after posting. Kapow Katalyst automation then queries their internal systems to determine whether to accept, based on up-to-the-minute conditions. Finally, additional Kapow automation places bids and monitors the shipment.

The result? Top-line and bottom-line growth, thanks to Kapow Katalyst.


Kapow Software is the leader in browser-based data integration. Kapow Katalyst™ automatically extracts, transforms, integrates and migrates data from virtually any source on the web, in the cloud or across the enterprise, to virtually anywhere, including mobile devices, without requiring APIs. Nearly 500 customers, including AT&T, Audi, Intel, Morgan Stanley, Vodafone, and dozens of federal agencies rely on Kapow for data syndication, mobile-enablement, cloud and web app integration, content migration, business intelligence, terrorism tracking, comparison pricing – and much more.

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