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  • It is very helpful to have screen shots when diagnosing a problem. This can be done by pressing "Print Screen" to create a screen capture of any errors, paste them into a Word document, and then attach the file below.
  • If it is a Kofax Capture error occurring, please attach the Kofax logs and error files. These can be found at [installation directory]\Capture\Logs for standalone installs, and [installation directory]\CaptureSV\Logs for client server installs. The first two numbers in the filename represent the year, and the last two represent the day. Please ensure that you attach the correct files for the date that the issue occurred.
  • Banned Extensions: asp,bat,exe,js,jse,jsp,c,cfm,cgi,com,reg,php,phtml,pif,pl,scr,shtml,wsf,wsh,vbe,vbs
  • The file size of all attachment must not exceed 5 Mb

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