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“A few years ago, J.S. Redpath, recognizing the need to manage documents better, purchased a Document Management system without thoroughly assessing what our needs for such a system were. As a result, the implementation was a failure and the system was not adopted as intended for employees.

Recently, [Redpath] senior management… decided to pursue Document Management again. This time, we engaged CDIT to assist us in determining our needs for a system first…. [CDIT’s] approach is to find a solution to fit the organization, not fit the organization to a particular package…CDIT’s perspective on business has ensured that changes are made to processes in a systematic and methodical fashion. Their involvement has added significant value to our ECM project.”

-J.S. Redpath Limited

CDIT’s Enterprise Content Management Strategy Roadmap Services

Effectively using your organization’s information and content can be the key to success, better productivity and competitive advantage. Yet many companies are not sure how to implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) effectively in their organizations. Some begin by implementing the base technology and then struggle with the fundamentals. End users become confused by the terminology around the technology being communicated, and this confusion often leads to difficulties with end-user adoption, among other things.

CDIT’s ECM Strategy Roadmap Service Engagement provides a comprehensive approach to help our customers succeed with their ECM initiatives. By examining important elements of an organization’s current and future landscape, and aligning with their Key Performance Indicators and Value Chains, CDIT’s ECM Strategy Roadmap Service Engagement provides direction that makes sense.

The ECM Strategy Roadmap — Your Blueprint for Success

CDIT ECM Strategy Roadmap

Our ECM Strategy Roadmaps provide structured paths to implementing ECM which help accelerate critical business processes through the efficient Capture, Transformation, Delivery and Exchange of critical information within your organization.

Our ECM Strategy Roadmaps highlight the thinking, the planning, sequence of activities and the range of skills needed – across the organization – to truly leverage ECM.

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