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Onramp to Efficient Energy Management

How is your organization collecting Energy bill information today?



Bills arriving via mail, fax or email can all be processed through a single automated interface.


The solution can be configured to process any type of energy bill or vendor invoice without fixed templates. All data on these bills can be automatically extracted and validated for accuracy against your EMS, ERP or Accounting System.


Extracted and Validated data can be exported to any EMS, ERP, Accounting, Document Management and/or Workflow System simultaneously.

  • Financial Services
  • Government Education
  • Healthcare Insurance
  • Manufacturing… etc.

Utility Bill Light Bulb & MoneyThe accurate and timely tracking of energy information from energy bills is the key to monitoring and managing energy consumption; this function is becoming increasingly strategic to the overall enterprise. This data is required to better understand energy usage and to more effectively implement energy efficiency goals.

However de-regulation has resulted in:

  • vast variance in bill formats
  • multiple Rate classes
  • constantly changing Regulations
  • the reliance on paper-based bills
  • manual processing methods


For many organizations, particularly large multi-site organizations, collecting accurate data to effectively manage utility costs, and paying utility bills within terms to avoid late payment fees are real challenges.

  • Eliminate the time and cost associated with manual entry of bills into your current EMS, ERP and/or Accounting system.
  • Automate the capture and validation of required information from scanned bills/invoices for export in common formats.
  • Cost avoidance of 3-5% of your utility spend through comprehensive, automated discrepancy and exception management to catch duplicate bills and over billings that are detected and reported up-front.
  • Ensure bills are paid on time, resulting in avoidance of Late Fees.
  • Guaranteed and rapid Return on Investmen (ROI)


The risk of utility billing errors grows with the complexity of an organization and traditional bill capture makes true cost and opportunity transparency impossible.

Accelerating the capture of information from energy bills and other invoices allows organizations to make strategic procurement decisions and to negotiate the best value for energy/products/services.

Intelligent Capture for Energy Management powered by Kofax Capture minimizes the manual steps involved with receiving, reviewing, classifying, data entering, and validating, resulting in a minimum of 50% reduction in the overall front-end processing effort of bills.



In full production since January 2007, the high quality of data provided by CDIT’s Intelligent Capture Solution to Peel’s Energy Management system resulted in savings of over $1.5 Million realized one month after implementation, and “to date the energy program has successfully realized savings of approximately thirty two million dollars. In additional to the costs realized through high quality data, the OCR success rate has reduced the manual effort to process and validate utility bills in half resulting in another $100,000 savings per year in staffing.

Prior to implementing this solution, “the process related to energy bills was a manual one therefore very time consuming and labor intensive. The savings to date are a combination of identified billing errors, cost avoidance (late charges/fees related to bills being paid delayed), and the resulting savings achieved through more efficient energy procurement strategies”, states Giulia Spadafora, Acting Supervisor, Energy Services, Regional Municipality of Peel.

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Intelligent Capture for Energy Management

Traditional Document Imaging technology relies on template-driven data analysis; consequently, while these systems produce outstanding results with standard forms, they are less reliable for variable format documents like bills and invoices. Intelligent Capture for Energy Management powered by Kofax Transformation Module (KTM), utilizes rules-based data analysis to quickly and accurately capture any data from highly variable documents. The results are immediate and quite amazing. Simulating the thought process of a human being, this solution fully automates information capture, classification and extraction using advanced technology from Kofax Inc., the world leader in production capture software.

Intelligent Capture for Energy Management

CDIT’s vision is to enhance the operational and financial performance of the distributed enterprise by delivering solutions and services that enable the organization to reduce costs related to facilities management. We do this by providing automation solutions that seamlessly enable large, dispersed enterprises to manage and take proactive measures to improve operating efficiencies, reducing energy consumption and lowering carbon emissions.

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CDIT Inc. (CDIT) is Canada’s leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions consulting/implementation firm, with exceptional business process reengineering and project management expertise. We are focused on accelerating the CAPTURE, TRANSFORMATION, DELIVERY and EXCHANGE of critical information that is an essential part of every organization by delivering exceptional Capture solutions for both our public and private sector clients. Every solution implemented is backed by our Client Support Program which provides our clients with end-to-end support of the full solution. Our support engineers are certified in all our solution components and have real-world implementation experience.

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As one of Canada’s most experienced Kofax Platinum Partner, CDIT has the breadth and depth of experience to address the most complex document capture challenges. Our key value proposition is the best practices that we have developed through our extensive real-world experience…we consistently deliver unique, highvalue, cost-effective ECM solutions for our clients, ensuring risks are minimized, and systems are destined for success.


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