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When information does get captured, it must get to the right place securely and efficiently. Providing solutions to automate and integrate paper and electronic documents directly into your multiple business systems/processes, enables the removal of points of failure and enables business processes to become more efficient.Organizations are challenged with islands of information that are maintained in separate repositories, making them costly to maintain and impossible to leverage and search for content across the organization. The increasing amount of content threatens productivity and access to business-critical information.

Organizations are experiencing a document crisis as content volumes continue to increase dramatically. Couple this with the emerging focus on the sharing of knowledge and reuse and re-purposing of content throughout the organization, companies have arrived at the conclusion that ECM is a fundamental requirement for business success. They are looking to ECM technologies to enable them cope with their inability to use content strategically across the enterprise.

Content Management systems provide competitive advantage by improving access, accuracy, and velocity of information flow throughout an organization. Productivity increases are realized by teams who can share and act on accurate information, with less time spent searching for critical documents.

Quality is improved through the delivery of the right documents, at the right time, reducing the amount of rework caused by inaccurate or out-of-date documents. Strong security features control access to sensitive documents, and at the same time, document management enhances communication and collaboration through shared information. Remote employees are better tooled for success, and the entire enterprise is equipped to make better decisions enabled by accurate, timely, accessible information.