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Print or fax pages and entire documents directly from KTM modules in your web browser

The CDIT Print & Fax Extension for Kofax Transformation Modules  (KTM) Thin Client allows KTM users to print or fax entire documents or selected pages directly from within the Validation, Verification or Correction modules in KTM (Thin Client).

As handling problematic documents (poor image quality, incomplete or incorrect documents) is often a challenge within Capture/Business Processes, CDIT Print & Fax Extension for KTM Thin Client enables users to transmit documents for correction, through printing and/or fax.

The CDIT Print & Extension is extremely easy to install and uses the familiar right-click Windows pop-up menu—requiring virtually no end-user training.

Key Features and Capabilities

The CDIT Print & Fax Extension for Kofax Capture includes a number of key features and capabilities, including:

  • KTM Validation, Verification and Correction modules support
  • Internet Browser-based Thin Client interface
  • Batch, Document and Page-level printing
  • Save as PDF to email/store the document
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Compatible with any printer/fax
  • Minimal end-user training


Kofax Transformation Modules Support

The CDIT Print & Fax Extension has been certified for use with KTM v5.5–v6.

CDIT Print & Fax Extension in the Kofax Capture Quality Control Module

Integrated Module

PrintFax Module for KTM Thin Client fully integrates with KTM through Print buttons on the ribbon menu and keyboard hotkeys, so end-user training required is minimized.


Print fax integration


Printing or faxing at the document level prints/faxes all pages in the document, while printing or faxing at the page level prints/faxes only the selected pages. Print and fax jobs are submitted to the default printer or fax server accessible to the Kofax workstation from which the printing or faxing is being performed.

About CDIT

CDIT Inc. is Canada’s leading Enterprise Capture Consultant/Integrator. We are focused on accelerating the CAPTURE, TRANSFORMATION, DELIVERY and EXCHANGE of critical information that is an essential part of every organization.
We work with leading organizations to define, architect, supply and implement innovative ECM Solutions to help reduce operational costs as well as enhance competitive positioning. These solutions update the capture, transformation, delivery and exchange of critical information that drives our clients’ business processes. Our unmatched combination of solutions and technologies improve the speed, cost, accuracy and efficiency of business transactions by enabling organizations to receive and exchange information automatically with anyone, anywhere, in any format. These solutions work directly with the business applications and IT platforms that workers already know and use.

CDIT & Kofax

Kofax - CDIT Platinum Partner

As one of Canada’s most experienced Kofax Partners, CDIT has the breadth and depth of experience to address the most complex document capture challenges. CDIT is a Kofax Platinum Partner and our technical staff are Kofax Certified Capture Consultants (KC3) – Kofax’s highest technical certification. We have extensive experience with the  complete line of Kofax products and we have developed a variety of extensions and modules that connect Kofax Capture into your existing systems and can tailor Kofax Capture to support your precise business process needs. Our key value proposition is the best practices that we have developed value, cost-effective  Imaging solutions for our clients, ensuring risks are minimized, and systems are destined for success.

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