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CDIT Import Controller for Kofax Capture

Automatically and securely transfer inbound faxes and other scanned images to Kofax Capture for processing

The CDIT Import Controller for Kofax Capture is a CDIT-developed custom module for Kofax Capture, which facilitates the automated import of electronic files—including faxes received via a fax server and documents scanned via multi-function devices (MFD)—into pre-defined batch class workflows for processing within Kofax Capture.

The CDIT Import Controller for Kofax Capture provides your organization with a solution that both eliminates the issue of lost faxes and documents scanned via MFDs, while allowing you to process these types of documents using the same Kofax business rules as traditionally scanned documents.

The CDIT Import Controller runs as an unattended Windows service and can be configured to process any number of Import Jobs to support multiple Kofax Capture batch class definitions.

CDIT & Kofax

Kofax - CDIT Platinum Partner

Kofax is the leading provider of Intelligent Capture & Exchange solutions. Kofax Capture accelerates business processes by enabling the streamlined collection of documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, retrievable information, and delivering it all into your business applications and databases.

CDIT is a Kofax Platinum Partner and a Kofax Certified Capture Consultant (KC3) – Kofax’s highest technical certification. We have extensive experience with the complete line of Kofax products and we have developed a variety of extensions and modules to customize and enhance your document capture capabilities. These extensions connect Kofax Capture into your existing systems and tailors Kofax Capture to support your precise business processes.

Key Features and Capabilities

The CDIT Import Controller for Kofax Capture includes a number of key features and capabilities, including:

  • configurable import parameters, including application directories, batch classes, import polling frequency, and batch-level field mappings;
  • ability to monitor multiple import folders;
  • automatic conversion of image resolution for incoming faxes.


Kofax Capture Support

The CDIT Import Controller has been certified for use with Kofax Ascent Capture v7.x, as well as Kodak Capture v8.

CDIT Import Controller for Kofax Capture Administration Interface

CDIT Import Controller for Kofax Capture Administration Interface

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