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CDIT Batch Monitor Extension for Kofax

CDIT Batch Monitor Extension for Kofax Capture

Monitor idle activity in your Kofax Capture system to identify and resolve potential issues

The CDIT Batch Monitor Extension for Kofax Capture monitors idle activity in a Kofax Capture environment and notifies managers or administrators of potential issues in the system based on pre-defined rules.

The Batch Monitor Extension is a valuable addition to any Kofax Capture system—allowing you to identify bottlenecks in the process and escalate exceptions to knowledge workers.

The CDIT Batch Monitor Extension runs as an unattended Windows service and can be configured to monitor batches based on any number of rules.

Key Features and Capabilities

The CDIT Batch Monitor Extension for Kofax Capture includes a number of key features and capabilities, including:

  • ability to configure idle activity rules for any Kofax module, including Scan, Quality Control, Validation and Release.
  • ability to customize idle time (in minutes);
  • add one or more e-mail addresses to any rule for automatic e-mail notification;
  • customizable e-mail notification messages with automated HTML report attachment;


Kofax Capture Support

The CDIT Batch Monitor Extension has been certified for use with Kofax Ascent Capture v7.5, as well as Kodak Capture v8.


CDIT Batch Monitor Extension Administration Tool

CDIT Batch Monitor Extension for Kofax Capture Tool


About CDIT

CDIT Inc. is Canada’s leading Enterprise Capture Consultant/Integrator. We are focused on accelerating the CAPTURE, TRANSFORMATION, DELIVERY and EXCHANGE of critical information that is an essential part of every organization.

We work with leading organizations to define, architect, supply and implement innovative ECM Solutions to help reduce operational costs as well as enhance competitive positioning. These solutions update the capture, transformation, delivery and exchange of critical information that drives our clients’ business processes. Our unmatched combination of solutions and technologies improve the speed, cost, accuracy and efficiency of business transactions by enabling organizations to receive and exchange information automatically with anyone, anywhere, in any format. These solutions work directly with the business applications and IT platforms that workers already know and use.

CDIT & Kofax

Kofax - CDIT Platinum PartnerKofax is the leading provider of Intelligent Capture & Exchange solutions. Kofax Capture accelerates business processes by enabling the streamlined collection of documents and forms, transforming them into accurate, retrievable information, and delivering it all into your business applications and databases.

CDIT is a Kofax Gold Partner and a Kofax Certified Capture Consultant (KC3) – Kofax’s highest technical certification. We have extensive experience with the complete line of Kofax products and we have developed a variety of extensions and modules to customize and enhance your document capture capabilities. These extensions connect Kofax Capture into your existing systems and tailors Kofax Capture to support your precise business processes.

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