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CDIT Automated Signature Verification Solution

Accelerating transaction processing while reducing risk

Automated Signature Verification Solution

The verification of Authorized Signatures is a critical task for transaction processing teams, especially in the Financial Services industry, but it is also tedious and time-consuming. Traditional manual Signature Verification procedures used may take from 2 to 20 minutes per transaction. As a result, many financial institutions limit Signature Verification activities to critical Lines of Business increasing the risk of fraud.

Enabling the automated matching of transactional signatures against a Reference Signature database not only reduces the cost of human intervention in the Verification process, but also minimizes the risk of signature forgery fraud on all transactions while enabling the audit and automation of this process.



  • Drastically reduce the time required to verify authorized Signatures on any type of Transactional Document (i.e. from 20 minutes to 2 seconds)
  • Prevent fraud and avoid associated costs by automating the Signatures Matching
  • Automate the capture and extraction/validation of required information from received transactions for export to Line-of-Business systems
  • Accurately identify the Authorized Signatory of a Transactional document


Key Features and Capabilities

  • Automatically identifies Authorized Signatures on Transactions with multiple signatures
  • Locates best match to Authorized Signature in Reference Signature database
  • Maintain a Reference Signature database based on the Signature Lists provided by your partners
  • Identify and match Blanket Signature Guarantee Stamps
  • Quickly and easily reject fraudulent Transactions


Streamlined Signature Approval Workflow

CDIT's Streamlined Signature Approval Workflow


Additional characteristics

Any Format

The Solution identifies the Authorized Signature on any Transaction format and matches it with the Reference Signature provided by the Dealer/Broker.

Track Everything

Designed for processing high volumes of financial transactions, the Automated Signature Verification Solution provides your company with powerful, end-to-end auditing and reporting capabilities.

Reduced User Actions

Transactional Documents go through an automated process which combines data extraction from the image with data validation against Line-of-Business and Signature Reference databases. Users simply validate documents through a user-friendly interface.

Real-Time Recovery

The solution is tailored to be highly available and facilitates Disaster Recovery, to fit in with your Company’s availability requirements.

Integrated Solution

Our products fully integrate with any EMS, ERP, Document Management and/or Workflow Systems, as well as any Fax/Email Server, for a simplified implementation in your current technical environment.

Any Input Format

Transactions arriving via mail, fax or email can all be processed through a single automated interface.


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Kofax - CDIT Platinum PartnerAs one of Canada’s most experienced Kofax Platinum Partner, CDIT has the breadth and depth of experience to address the most complex document capture challenges. Our key value proposition is the best practices that we have developed value, cost-effective ECM solutions for our clients, ensuring risks are minimized, and systems are destined for success.


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