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CDIT’s Custom Solutions extend and enhance the functionality of the software and hardware technologies that form the basis of our ECM Solutions.

Through our strong vendor partnerships and deep subject matter expertise, our Product Solutions have been designed and developed to address common requirements identified through our experience in designing and delivering ECM solutions since 1994.

Following are some of our key product solutions that have been designed and developed to specifically extend the functionality and value of our client’s ECM Solutions.

For more information on any of our Product Solutions, please contact us.

Please click on any of the product solutions below to download the full PDF.

Automated Signature Verification

CDIT’s Automated Broker/Dealer Signature Verification™ Solution

Automated Signature Verification InfographicCDIT’s Automated Broker/Dealer Signature Verification™ solution greatly reduces transaction processing time and risk associated with Signature Verification activities and translates this into an audited and automated process.To see a video on how the Automated Broker/Dealer Signature Verification™ solution can benefit your process, click here.


ICEM logoCDIT’s Intelligent Capture for Energy Management™ Solution

ICEM infographicThe accurate and timely tracking of energy information from energy bills is the key to monitoring and managing energy consumption. This data is required to better understand energy usage and to more effectively implement energy efficiency goals and is becoming increasingly strategic to the overall enterprise.Intelligent Capture for Energy Management™ powered by Kofax Capture minimizes the manual steps involved with receiving, reviewing, classifying, data entering, and validating, resulting in a minimum of 50% reduction in the overall front-end processing effort of bills.


AP Flo Logo w tag lineAP-FLO™ Solution

AP Flo InfographicAP-FLO delivers a robust and customizable process automation solution for Accounts Payable. AP-FLO enables the automated capture and processing of A/P documentation, including Invoices, Purchase Orders, Packing Slips, etc. regardless of how they are received (paper-based, emails, faxes, mobile). Coding, rejection and re-routing of Invoices are effectively handled through an intuitive, always accessible, browser-based interface. Consequently, your organization saves time and money because there is no longer a need to manually check, internally distribute, or locate and archive invoices and supporting documentation. AP-FLO can front-end any accounting or ERP system; a solution that will bring in automation, structure, control and efficiency to the A/P process.
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