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What type of information does your company work with ?

Information, whether in paper or electronic forms,

is the initiator of every transaction

and is at the center of all business process in any organization

How many different capture devices does your organization have or need?

Are all these capture devices utilized effectively through a unified capture solution ?

How is this information uniquely handled by each department ?
How are different document types processed?
Where does your information come from and where does it have to go ?
A unified platform for all your capture requirements.


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A document is at the centre of most business processes. From new account applications to invoices, from sales orders to  regulatory documents, from service requests to expense reports—a wide variety of information is exchanged every day with customers, vendors, partners and employees. Whether in paper or electronic form, the document structures, communicates and preserves critical information. It provides essential links between the people who manage processes and enables communication of ideas within these workgroups. Different kinds of information can arrive in different formats (i.e. paper, electronic documents, e-mail, digital images, and so on). And the information is not always in one place. The larger an enterprise, the more likely it is that there are multiple offices, each with its own information to be handled, processed and archived. It may be easy to choose a capture solution for one department, but you may find that it can’t be extended to handle documents in other departments or locations. It is also easy to choose a capture system that’s good for capturing paper documents, but that can’t handle electronic files. Or a system that’s good with your organization’s own forms, but that can’t handle unstructured documents received from external sources. Purchasing multiple capture systems to handle different kinds of data is not only costly to purchase, but also to program and maintain.CDIT works with organizations to define and architect a unified platform to automate the capture of content in any paper or electronic format, from any device, from any place. These solutions simplify the collection and capture of information from across the enterprise, integrating capture technology including scanners, digital copiers and fax servers, and unifying information from multiple paper and electronic sources (i.e. fax, email, electronic documents), including:

  • Batch Capture – high volume capture for line-of-business applications
  • Transactional Capture – adhoc capture using MFPs, desktop scanners, email & fax which initiates business processes and transactions
  • Distributed Capture –capture from remote locations


As complex as your capture needs are, implementing a unified capture solution to address all these needs can be a challenge. We are partnered with the best-of-breed product vendors and we leverage these relationships to design integrated solutions including Imaging hardware (document scanners, fax servers), Imaging software and services to streamline the capture process.