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World Access Canada Enhances Customer Service with Document Imaging and Search and Retrieval Technologies

Located in Waterloo, Ontario, World Access Canada is the country’s largest independent service company in the travel, call centre, health care and financial industries, with more than 150 associates.Its staff includes bilingual customer service associates, multi-lingual case managers, claims examiners with expertise in accident/health and property/casualty, nurses, consulting physicians, and specialists in product development, marketing, human resources, finance and technology.

Specialized medical teams combine the expertise of physicians and nurses who guide and manage health care costs and perform utilization management and teletriage in domestic and out-of-country settings. World Access Canada maintains agreements with virtually every provincial health plan to facilitate direct reimbursement of government health insurance obligations.

The Challenge

With ever-increasing claims volumes, the management and distribution of the mountains of paper-based documentation that support the claims adjudication process was becoming a bottleneck to efficient claims processing and maintaining customer service levels, not to mention a storage issue.

Enabling its Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to efficiently process claims and provide its customers with superior customer service required that supporting documentation be immediately available to support real-time client support.

Unlike most of CDIT’s clients, World Access Canada had already ventured into the world of electronic images, prior to engaging CDIT to assist them with streamlining their existing imaging system. CDIT’s mandate was to enhance the value of the existing imaging system by developing a solution that would provide CSRs with immediate access to document images, using simple, yet robust, search and retrieval capabilities, as well streamline the current document capture process.

The Solution

Leveraging the industry-leading document capture features of Kofax Ascent Capture and its own proprietary image

>Enabling (World Access Canada’s) Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to efficiently process claims and provide its customers with superior customer service required that supporting documentation be immediately available to support real-time client support.


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World Access Canada


Claims Adjudication


To streamline and automate the claims adjudication process

CDIT Solution:

Document and Data Capture Document Search and Retrieval

search, retrieval and viewing application—ISR, CDIT developed a cost effective capture and retrieval solution that allows World Access Canada to efficiently convert incoming documentation to digital images and make them immediately accessible to its CSRs.

The batch scanning workflow, automated document separation, and indexing automation features of Ascent Capture have dramatically increased the efficiency with which incoming documentation can be converted to digital images.

Following scanning, claim-related documentation is indexed, using case, claim and document type identifiers, to facilitate the creation of a hierarchical image repository that allows Customer Service Representatives to retrieve either specific documents, or folders of all documents related to a specific claim.

Using CDIT’s custom-developed Image Search and Retrieval application (ISR), CSRs now have access to the documents that they require to support World Access clients, in real time, with just a few clicks of a mouse. Document images can be easily searched on any of the index values that were captured during the scanning operation.

Business Benefits

With the streamlined document capture process and the introduction of search and retrieval technology, World Access Canada has realized a number of business benefits,including:

  • Reduction in claim processing cycles, resulting in reduced operational costs
  • Elimination of its document scanning backlog, without increasing the resources dedicated to document conversion, due to the superior batch processing workflow capabilities of Ascent Capture
  • Reduction in document storage space resulting in reduced storage costs
  • Enhanced customer service levels, attributable to the immediate accessibility of the document images required to support real-time resolution of client inquiries, often during the first telephone contact

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