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Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories ‘Tests’ Document Imaging and Document Management Technologies

Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories (GDML) is a leading provider of quality medical testing services and related information. Along with its affiliate organizations, GDML is one of the top 4 providers of such service in North America. Employing more than 1700 professionals, GDML processes approximately one third of the private testing in the province of Ontario. With over 35 million tests processed annually, GDML is the custodian of a large information resource on behalf of the public and private sectors.

GDML’s largest regional labs in Brampton, London and Ottawa collectively receive more than 6 million paper-based test requisitions on an annual basis and utilize these documents extensively to support the resolution of laboratory, physician and client-initiated inquiries as well as to support billing to the government.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Document Imaging, the large volumes of paper-based laboratory test requisition documentation presented significant challenges with respect to efficient access to information contained on original documents. These inefficiencies manifested themselves in long response times to laboratory, physician and private client inquiries and hampered capabilities to expeditiously resolve billing issues, all of which required time-consuming manual searches.

Recognizing that Document Imaging offered immediate access to the information contained on test requisitions and the positive impact that this would have on both operational costs and customer service levels, GDML implemented a Document Imaging solution at its Brampton location.

With age and increased processing volumes and a need for a seamless organizationwide solution, GDML’s original Imaging System became unsustainable and GDML engaged CDIT to implement a robust and scalable to distributed Document Imaging solution that would provide document capture and retrieval capabilities for its three major regional laboratories in Brampton, Ottawa and London. An integral component of the project was the conversion and import of some 2 million existing image and index files into the new system. All documents at each location need be scanned within a short timeframe window, and must be immediately available for retrieval by anyone in the various locations.

“We simply had to be able to provide the business with a seamless and easy to use Document Imaging system, that was accessible across the organization. I am pleased to say that we have achieved that immediate goal.”

– Chuck Quigley, Vice President of
Information Systems, GDML




Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories (GDML)


Medical Laboratory Diagnostic Testing


To provide timely responses to patient and physician-initiated inquiries related to test results as well as the resolution of billing issues.

CDIT Solution:

Document and Data Capture Document Management

The Solution

Leveraging industry-leading software and hardware products from Fujitsu, Kofax Image Products, EMC Documentum (formerly Legator Systems; OTG Software) and Hewlett-Packard, CDIT developed a robust document and data capture and retrieval solution that now allows Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories to capture more than 525,000 documents on a monthly basis and makes the images immediately accessible to all authorized users on the company’s network, via a Web browser. To fully automate the document indexing process, the Document Imaging system recognizes pre-printed barcodes that are affixed to each document and, through integration with the GDML Laboratory Information System, populates all remaining index values based on database lookups that leverage the barcode value; virtually eliminating any requirement for operator intervention after scanning is performed. To comply with regulatory requirements and for contingency purposes, the staggering volumes of document images are written to optical platters for medium and long-term storage, retrieval and archives.

CDIT was involved with providing direction to Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories as they analyzed their requirements and decided to proceed with a corporate-wide implementation, and CDIT was instrumental in recommending the distributed architecture solution that takes full advantage of the capabilities of Ascent Capture Internet Server to manage the large volumes of documents being processed on a daily basis. The implementation time-frame was very aggressive, and by working closely with the entire team at GDML, CDIT was able to design, develop and implement the system within a six week period. CDIT also provided training to the end-users, and provides ongoing post-implementation support for the entire solution.

“Very few Information Systems projects are completed on time and on budget,” says Allan Dumont, Senior Project Manager for GDML. “I am happy to say that CDIT was instrumental in helping us to do just that. CDIT was willing to spend the time and effort to get full agreement on the all-important scope and statement of work,” adds Dumont. “They displayed great professionalism and applied good project methodology throughout.”

Business Benefits

With the implementation of the new Document Imaging solution, GDML’s customer service representatives and billing clerks now have instantaneous access to test requisition images to support immediate resolution of customer-initiated inquiries, dramatically increasing customer satisfaction and improving operational efficiency, as it relates to information retrieval.

“We simply had to be able to provide the business with a seamless and easy to use Document Imaging system, that was accessible across the organization,” says Chuck Quigley, Vice President of Information Systems for GDML. “I am pleased to say that we have achieved that immediate goal.”

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