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Centenary Cardiology Associates Improves Operations through Document Imaging

Centenary Cardiology Associates (CCA) is a group of cardiologists in the Toronto area providing general and specialty cardiac care to patients in the eastern Scarborough and western Durham regions. CCA’s aim is to provide the people and physicians of this community with the highest quality of cardiac care, in both the office and hospital environments, and they are committed to continuing medical education and research.CCA provides a number of services including the assessment and treatment of ailments including Angina, Arrhythmia, Chest Pain, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart attack, Heart failure and Hyperlipidemia. The scope of testing arranged by CCA includes Electrocardiograms, Echocardiograms, Transesophageal Echocardiograms, Stress Echocardiograms, Stress Tests, Stress Thallium Studies, Stress Sestamibi (Cardiolite) Studies, Holter Monitoring and Cardiac Catheterization.

The Challenge

Like most organizations that create, manage and store hundreds of pieces of information every day, CCA’s internal operations were quickly becoming burdened by the overwhelming amount of hardcopy paper associated to the each patient, including patient records generated and updated by the organization on a daily basis.

CCA relied primarily on a manual, paper-based, system of onsite filing cabinets to store and access its patient medical records. With increased numbers of patients and corresponding records and documentation, CCA was quickly running short on office space to store and efficiently access this information to support its day-to-day operations. Furthermore, the personal workspaces of CCA staff were becoming exhausted by the amount of physical hardcopy documentation generated within the office.

Enabling its support staff to efficiently locate, retrieve and deliver information to physicians and patients in a timely manner required significant changes in the way CCA was currently managing its information.

Realizing that they needed a solution that would minimize or eliminate physical onsite hardcopy storage requirements, while still providing timely access to information, CCA engaged CDIT to design and deploy a Document Imaging system to meet these requirements and one that would effectively integrate within their existing small office environment.

Enabling its support staff to efficiently locate, retrieve and deliver information to physicians and patients in a timely manner required significant changes in the way CCA was currently managing its information.




Centenary Cardiology Associates


Patient Medical Records


To improve access to patient medical records

CDIT Solution:

Document Imaging Document Search and Retrieval


The Solution

Leveraging industry-leading Kofax Ascent Capture Document Imaging software, and its own proprietary image search, retrieval and viewing application—ISR, CDIT developed a cost effective capture and retrieval solution that allows CCA to efficiently convert backfile and new patient documents to digital images and data and make them immediately accessible to its support staff and physicians.

Patient medical documents are scanned through high-speed Fujitsu document scanners into Ascent Capture, where an index operator data enters the patient’s Health Card Number associated to each document. Based on the heath card number, a custom database lookup is executed, which retrieves all of the patient’s additional information from an existing database and associates this information to the scanned document. Following indexing, each document is released to a secure network directory, with the associated metadata released to a backend database.

Using CDIT’s custom-developed Image Search and Retrieval application (ISR), CSRs now have access to the documents that they require to support physician and patients requests for information, in real time. With just a few clicks of a mouse, document images can be easily searched on any of the index values that were captured during the scanning operation. And because certain information, such as health card number, is associated to every document for a specific patient, CCA staff can quickly retrieve all documents ssociated to a particular patient.

Business Benefits

With the implementation of the new Document Imaging system, all CCA staff, including physicians, now have instantaneous access to patient records and documents. This allows each staff member to respond to a physician or patient inquiry without delay, providing a superior level of customer service unavailable under the old, paper-based, system.

Furthermore, the Imaging system has greatly reduced the requirement for onsite hardcopy storage within the office.

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