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about_headlineOur approach begins with knowledge — of technology, our client’s business and their systems, and their objectives. We utilize forward-thinking and visionary leadership to ensure ongoing success for the solutions we provide. We complement creativity with experience and innovation with insight.

We are truly excited about the opportunity to work with our clients on the development of Enterprise Content Management Solutions that can provide them with significant competitive advantage. We value the opportunity to present the ‘perfect’ solution for their requirements and to foster long-term relationships with our clients.

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Established in 1994, CDIT Inc. is an Enterprise Content Management Solutions (ECM) Consulting Integrator. We work with leading organizations to define, architect, supply and implement innovative ECM Solutions to help reduce operational costs as well as enhance competitive positioning. These solutions update the capture, transformation, delivery and exchange of critical information that drives our clients’ business processes.

Our Value Proposition:

As an ECM solution provider, our value proposition is the best practices which we have developed through our extensive real-world experience. CDIT Inc. has…

  • Since 1994, we have consistently delivered, high-value, cost-effective Enterprise Content Management solutions to our clients
  • Extensive and very focused experience in Document Imaging, specifically high volume, distributed capture, with advanced data capture technologies (i.e. OCR, ICR, OMR)
  • Experience, expertise and successes extending across a broad spectrum of sectors including education, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, legal, telecommunications, transportation & logistics, utilities & energy, and all levels of government
  • Significant experience and expertise in the design and deployment of Advanced Data Capture and Document Imaging systems, including integration with existing systems and line-of-business applications.
  • Extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, and specifically within the Municipal and Provincial government sectors (Province of Ontario IT Vendor of Record–VOR status)
  • Long-standing relationships with the manufacturers of the hardware and software components of our solutions.


Our Differentiators:

  • We think “outside the box”
  • We look at the problem before looking at a solution
  • We listen before we speak
  • We look at the process and then apply the appropriate technology
  • Our goal is to make the process, and therefore our customers, more effective in everything they do
  • CDIT has the hands-on experience to think “outside the box” in delivering solutions which are always unique, cost-effective and scalable. This approach is evident in every solution we propose.


Our Strengths:

  • Strong Project/Document Management Skills and experience
  • Exceptional Technical Expertise in Imaging, Workflow and Document Management
  • Certification and Alliances which offer full support and credibility
  • Continuous Research initiatives to improve processes and produce highest quality results


Our Core Assets:

At our core is a team of dynamic, highly motivated and experienced professionals who are focused on delivering operational excellence and continuous process improvement. They are dedicated to Business Process Design/Re-engineering and Systems Integration with a specialization in Enterprise Content Management. Our team of professionals leverage defined methodologies and have extensive industry and technology experience, which enables them to successfully deliver risk-free ECM solutions.

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