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CDIT Inc. is a leading Enterprise Capture Consultant/Integrator. We are focused on accelerating the CAPTURE, TRANSFORMATION, DELIVERY and EXCHANGE of critical information that is an essential part of every organization.

Our unmatched combination of solutions and technologies improve the speed, cost, accuracy and efficiency of business transactions by enabling organizations to receive and exchange information automatically with anyone, anywhere, in any format. These solutions work directly with the business applications and IT platforms that workers already know and use. Our solutions can:

  • Unify information from multiple paper and electronic sources
  • Automate the time-consuming tasks of processing, extracting and classifying information from a variety of documents
  • Integrate extracted information into multiple business applications and processes
  • Exchange information with customers, partners and vendors in a broad range of formats
  • Enable stakeholders to easily interact with business processes to provide and receive correct and complete information


Integration and Automation of Transportation and Logistics Processes
  • Accelerate the integration of information between transportation management systems, external portals of carriers, and 3rd party information provider Web sites.
  • Manage complex scheduling and logistics.
  • Eliminate manual work, like gathering freight bill payment information or securing proofs of delivery (PODs) from a partner site, through automation…without coding!
  • Kapow greatly reduces transaction processing time and translates this into an audited and automated process.



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AP-FLO™ Accounts Payable Automation Solution

The transformation of manually processing paper and electronic invoices is crucial to reducing costs, increasing accuracy, and improving key vendor relationships. With AP-FLO™, measurable savings and ROI are achieved by:

  • Reducing manual key-entry of invoice data through advanced imaging and indexing (OCR) capabilities
  • Reducing invoice payment costs by ensuring early payment discounts are utilized and late payment fees are avoided
  • Reducing your liability to vendors with enhanced invoice monitoring and controls

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CDIT’s Intelligent Capture for Energy Management™ Solution
  • The accurate and timely tracking of energy information from energy bills is the key to monitoring and managing energy consumption. This data is required to better understand energy usage and to more effectively implement energy efficiency goals and is becoming increasingly strategic to the overall enterprise.
  • Intelligent Capture for Energy Management powered by Kofax Capture minimizes the manual steps involved with receiving, reviewing, classifying, data entering, and validating, resulting in a minimum of 50% reduction in the overall front-end processing effort of bills.


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